Len Lytwyn 1942 -2018

It is with sad hearts that we mark the passing of Len Lytwyn on July 26th, 2018.

Our sincere condolences are extended to his family at this difficult time.

Referred to by many as the “Father of MROC”, Len was one of the three founding Directors of MROC and held the position of Chair of the organization through its inception and fruition. In 2012, Len retired as Chairman but remained on as a Director of MROC, and the title of “Chairman Emeritus” was bestowed upon him by a unanimous vote at the 2013 MROC Annual General Meeting.

Len started off in the music business as a rock drummer and enjoyed a successful career performing and recording with many of the top bands in Toronto including Dee and the Yeomen. He did admit that his desire to perform as a musician was overtaken by an overriding need to assist musicians when he accepted an offer to be a “Business Agent” with the Toronto Musicians Association (of which he was elected President).

He was later offered the position of “Administrative Assistant” within AFM’s Canadian Office and ultimately the position of Executive Director for Canada in 2004. Len was instrumental in changing the name “Canadian Office of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada” to the “Canadian Federation of Musicians” (CFM). This not only preserved the historical relationship of Canadian musicians as members of the AFM, but also established them as members of an association with a true Canadian identity.

Len spent over four decades working for musical artists and when asked about MROC, he stated: “My goal in establishing MROC was to provide an independent Canadian collective controlled by musicians for musicians, looking out for the welfare of background musicians as well as featured performers.”

MROC Chairman David Jandrisch said that Len had enriched the lives of many performers in the entertainment world. “Although he endured a series of health issues over the past couple years, he always fought back through each test and setback with amazing courage and will-power. Throughout all these challenges, he continued to serve as a Director (his dedication to MROC being evident in his constant preparation for meetings of the Board) and to participate in his inimitable productive and constructive manner.” He was indeed a good friend to so many professional musicians and entertainers, many of whom never knew of him or met him personally, but ALL of whom benefitted from his constant efforts to better their musical careers.

We at MROC will miss his guidance, fairness, professionalism and most of all his friendship. MROC will continue to follow the path that Len paved for us and keep his love of musical creation foremost in our daily interaction with our talented members.

Statement from the family and further details con be found in the following link:

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