Musicians and vocalists are unable to collect their neighbouring rights and private copying royalties individually from users. As a result, in order to receive the neighbouring rights and private copying royalties they are due, musicians and vocalists must sign with a collective representing performers. By signing with MROC, you are also able to receive royalties for the use of your recordings in other countries.

How do I sign up?

By Mail or Email:

Print the Appointment and Authorization form and Repertoire Registration form from our website and return the completed forms to us by mail or email. If you cannot print the forms, feel free to contact us and we will send you paper copies. Once your completed Appointment and Authorization form is accepted by MROC, we will email you a password that will allow you to register new sound recordings through the online Repertoire Registration form as you record them.


Complete our Appointment and Authorization form. Once your form is accepted by MROC, we will email a password to you that will allow you to access the Repertoire Registration form so you can register your sound recordings online.

When you record something new, register the new sound recordings using your online password.





Notes for Registering Your Sound Recordings Online:

To register your recordings online, you must have previously submitted the Appointment and Authorization form and know your online MROC password. Before you begin to fill out the Repertoire Registration form, make sure you have the following information on-hand:

IMPORTANT: If you close the page without having selected the submit button, your data will be lost. You must complete the form while the link is open.

  • Song Title/Track Name
  • Artist and/or Band
  • Maker (i.e., the Producer who paid for recording, usually the Record Label)
  • Date of release (Year of release is necessary at a minimum)
  • Name of Recording Studio and its location (City and Country)
  • Name of each featured artist on recording
  • Name of each background (non-featured) artist on recording

It is essential for you to include the names of the other musicians who performed on the session (or as many as you can remember) because we want to make sure that every participant gets paid. If you have other documents that already include all of this information – e.g., a spreadsheet, the liner notes, or recording contracts – please feel free to submit these additional documents with the Repertoire Registration form. The more information we receive the better!





Additional Benefits for Members

  • If you are a musician who performs with a band and you and your band-mates are interested in formalizing your business relationship as a partnership, take advantage of half-an-hour in free legal services from music and copyright lawyer Craig Parks (who just happens to be MROC’s legal counsel as well). Any services beyond half-an-hour will be at your expense but this should be a good start to getting your agreement in place.
  • Through special arrangement with the Canadian Federation of Musicians and Hub International, MROC provides its performers with access to an exceptional equipment insurance program.  Through this program, you can minimize your losses in the event your instruments or music-related equipment are lost or damaged because of vandalism, breakage, water, fire, lightning or theft – risks which frequently aren’t covered under typical homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. For further details, download the application form and brochure. At the time of application and for any subsequent renewals, you will need to provide proof of your membership/representation in either CFM or MROC respectively.  If you are represented by MROC, you will need to provide your Performer ID for the application.  Please contact us and we will supply you with the information you require.
    >> CFM MROC Equipment Insurance Appln

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