The 2020 T5 and NR4 Tax Slips are Available

Your 2020 tax slip can be downloaded via your MyMROC account. Physical tax slips have been mailed out to those who requested this option or if royalties are being directed to your company (rather than to you as an individual); or if royalties are being paid to a beneficiary or estate.

You can access your MyMROC account here:

Please note:
• A T5 or NR4 slip is only generated if you have been paid $50.00 or more in domestic and foreign non-U.S. royalties in 2020.

• Your T5 or NR4 slip does not include royalties which originated in the U.S. either from SoundExchange or the AFM SAG AFTRA Fund. Those royalties will be receipted on a 1042-S or 1099 form which will be mailed to you in March.

Please understand that MROC staff cannot answer any questions regarding tax filing. If you have questions, please contact an accountant or the Canada Revenue Agency.

If you have any questions or need assistance accessing your MyMROC account, please contact us.

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